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This is one of the most beautiful sights out galaxy has to offer. Observable in the southern sky, the Great Carina Nebula, or NGC 3372, is nearly 300 light years wide, making it one of the galaxy’s largest star-forming clouds. The Carina Nebula can be seen by the unaided eye when seen on very dark, clear nights in the southern sky. It’s wider than the full moon and is home to young, very large stars. One of these stars is Eta Carinae, a star with 100 times the mass of our Sun. Eta Carinae is the brightest star near the middle of this image. The star may be very near supernova, which would be quite the sight to see!



Through quantum mechanics—the new physics—we have started to recognize that the invisible energy fields are actually more primary in shaping the material world than the material world is in shaping itself.

~ Bruce H. Lipton

Another Earth - Celebrating 31 orbits

Good day to you : )

We are not born into the world. We are born into something that we make into the world. #michaeltalbot #holographicuniverse #birthdaybuddy #paint #mirrorimage #libra

Celebrating life creating spacey artporn : ) #paint #mirrorimage

Paint and Mirror Image -1 - a medium massage #paint #mirrorimage

Paint and Mirrors #paint #mirrorimage

The Freedom Bridge #tbt #freedombridge #paintthis #iloveuiris

Acrylic on Canvas - HD mirror image #paint #acrylic #HD #mirrorimage

Beauty and the Botany Factory - Fun tidbit: Two years ago I discovered an interesting Birthday Buddy - Botanist J.B. Rhine who taught here in 1923. Rhine established the parapsychology field as we know it today. He coined the term “E.S.P.” Cheers. #parapsychology #jbrhine #esp Sub tidbit- Listened to the podcast #JRE #550 with #RupertSheldrake today it applies look him up. Fascinating.

Photoshoot Daydreams 🍃☀️💕 #nophotoshop

Multiple exposures in HD

Old Paradigm Meets New

Diana mini - minipad HD filter

Moonset NY

Harvest Moon - Happy September #harvestmoon #happyseptember

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